Here is a GEM of all jokes.

It is said that once Russi Mody, of Tatas, was on an official trip to  Bombay.

Even though it was a Sunday morning, Russi had to visit Bombay House, the Corporate Head Quarters of the Tata Group.  He was driving a Mercedes himself as it was a Sunday and there was very little traffic and also it was the chauffeur’s day off.  He was wearing simple shorts and a T shirt.

Knowing that he would take just a few minutes to finish his work in Bombay House and that it was a non-working day in the business district with very low traffic, he decided to take liberties to park his Merc in an otherwise no parking zone.

A conscientious traffic cop noticed all this and he immediately rushed to Russi who had started sauntering towards the Bombay House entrance. In a gruff voice the Havaldar asked Russi.”Kyun bhidu, baap kaa sadak samajh kay rakha hai kya?”

Russi very nonchalantly replied:  “Haan kuchh aisa hi hai.  Aapko Angrezi padhna aata hai kya? ”
Then he gently held the Havaldar’s arm and walked him to the kerbside and pointed to the metal signage of the road.
He asked the cop “Kya Likha Hai?”

The cop said “Sir Homi Mody Street “.

A mischievously smiling Russi discloses “Wo mera Baap tha”